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Residential Fog Collection

Diesel, Grease Collection in Lithonia, GA

Keep Your Restaurants & Residences        GREASE FREE!!!

Curbside Recycling, LLC collects and safely disposes of WVO (waste vegetable oil) from all types of food establishments, commercial kitchens and caterers.  We are committed to the GREEN Revolution, collecting this WVO from sources as diverse as church events and family reunions.  Further, we will commence Grease Trap service in January, 2013.

Equally important, we take great pride, in the creation of an extremely effective, tried and true, free, residential FOG (fats, oil & grease) collection service; trademarked GRO (grease remediation oil) Well In The City.  A metaphor for the oil well in the field only “We’re drilling for oil in the kitchen”; keeping it out of sewers and trash trucks, holding down our water bills and preventing grease stains on our streets and in our sub-divisions.

Mission Statement

Curbside Recycling, LLC (CRL) collects commercial and residential FOG (fats, oil and greases), diverting it from local sewers and landfills, while providing a cost effective feedstock for the production of clean burning biodiesel fuel.  Now, expanding to Grease Trap Service; stepping up commercial collections and creating multiple income streams via the development of Limited Partnerships in selected urban areas within 500 miles of its base operation, to attract investment and supplement the costs of saturating residential service areas in all of the proposed locations.


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